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Shibui North

Dragonfly - Brass - Elven Lattice Deep Engrave - Dragon Wing Ceramic

Dragonfly - Brass - Elven Lattice Deep Engrave - Dragon Wing Ceramic

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It may seem like a contradiction to take a lovely light beautiful insect and construct it into a heavy brass pen however the balance in this model more that makes up for the weight.

 This is your simple classic desk pen. The design is timeless so it will never go out of fashion. This is a simple, minimalist design perfect to match an important leather journal or wooden desk.

As this pen is machined from solid brass, it is heavy at 75g uncapped. The sensation of the extra weight is very much an individual preference. The extra weight lends an easy smoothness that can keep you writing for hours. The extra weight is critical to making small micro-adjustments for detailed handwriting or illustation.

Brass will oxidise, and can be left to develop a patina or the shine can be restored easily with a soft cloth and T-cut polish


-Precision Machined from brass 

-Minimalist timeless classic design based on the body of a dragonfly

-Size 6 Bock nib in medium 

-Full size universal converter included

-Weight of 75g uncapped and 105g capped.


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